CDK Systems Limited designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and services refrigeration control and monitoring systems.

We specialise in the manufacture of refrigeration case and coldroom controllers, alarm systems, pack controls and refrigerant gas detection systems for use in large and small supermarkets, retail outlets, cold stores, abattoirs and food processing environments.

In addition we can supply our Refrigeration Management System, a centralised database networked to a customer’s sites containing all relevant case settings, temperature history, alarm logs, FGAS reports etc. with comprehensive web based reporting and interrogation.

While we have a range of standard products one of our strengths is the ability to customise existing products and to design from scratch to meet specific customer requirements and avoid the need to compromise on performance.

The continuing commitment of CDK Systems Limited to develop added value products for our clients has led us to develop a building management system which coordinates building services e.g. HVAC, internal and external lighting, air curtains etc.

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